Black x black = partridge!?!?!!? the milkman's chick


10 Years
May 19, 2009
My only Silkie rooster is black. He should carry the lavender gene. I also have two black hens, one of which carries lavender. So where did this chick come from? Another black chick died, but these are suppossed to be full siblings, 4 days old. The chicken calculator cannot explain how this happened. Now, I do have another hen, a partridge isabel, and one might think that I just mislabeled an egg. But alas, Phyllis doesn't lay fertile eggs (that I know of). She went broody a week before these eggs were set, so it's POSSIBLE that she's the mom, but I can't configure the calculator to allow for that, either.

The chicks:

The sire:

The mother:

And just for fun, the other hen who seems like a likely suspect, but probably isn't:

So, if you ever want to know "what happens when I cross x and y colors?", don't ask me. I am befuddled on a very basic level!


10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
SE Washington
Sure the other hen isn't a mother?

I have hatched partridge out of blackxblack, but the hen has gold mismarking in the hackle, and I don't know her genetic background (she was a chick directly from Mihalik that I purchased as a pullet over a year ago).

They didn't turn out to be correctly colored partridges, although they were beautiful otherwise (nice crests, toes, type, cushion, etc).

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