Blackshoulder split?


12 Years
Dec 11, 2010
north MS
Could my blackshoulders peacock be split to white or pied? And my hens look really white I just bought them about a week ago. What do y'all think


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He is probably split white or split pied ... he has a white bib!
Plus some white feathers at the tip of the wings .... to confirm!
thanks im going to upload more pics soon do the hens look blackshoulder to yall they dont have alot of speckles and look mostly white? im going to hatch off one male and the hens and see what i get
These are a few pics not that goods quality they are from cell phone


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Blackshoulder males will start out with the mostly-white pattern found in Blackshoulder females, then molt into the adult colors as they mature. So young male Blackshoulder peacocks may still carry some of their juvenile white feathers. If you know your male is mature, then you can wonder about those white feathers possibly indicating having the White or Pied mutations. From what I remember, the tough part is determining if your bird is split to Pied or split to White, since these can be rather similar -- just a tiny bit of white. From what I remember, being split to Pied will present those tiny bits of white rather symmetrically -- tiny white on the throat, and a white feather or two on each wing. The White mutation is more random, so any white feathers would not present symmetrically, and could be found anywhere. If the throat patch is more like a bib, and there are several white feathers on each wing, then your bird may be Dark Pied -- which means having two copies of the Pied mutation. But I'm really not that fond of the Pied, White, and White-Eyed mutations, so I don't really focus in on the differences as much.


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