BLAH! Pretty sure this is Bumblefoot to the umpteenth degree..

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    Apr 2, 2010
    This is one of my daughters laying Cornish Crosses. I went out to feed some fresh lettuce and veggies to them this evening and she was limping up to the dish. I mean they all kinda walk funny they are fully grown Cornish X and she is the smallest at 10 pounds. When I picked the girl up my heart sank when I saw this.





    At this point I'm thinking that I should have her on some amoxicillian for 24 hours then perform the Bumblefoot surgery, pack it with antibiotic ointment, and teflon gauze and wrap with vet wrap change daily and keep her inside to make sure she heals up right. Does this sound about right?

    We did check the rest of the birds and they all look good.
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    Your plans sound perfect, except that plenty of folks do the surgery without antibiotics and the condition clears up just fine, as long as you are sure to get all of the infection out when you do the surgery, and keep it clean and dry afterward, and keep applying the Neosporin. Whether to use antibiotics is a personal choice. Good luck to you and your girl [​IMG]

    Edited to say: I hate to bring this up, but if she is a fully grown cornish x and will be processed soon, then bumblefoot surgery might not be necessary. I don't mean to upset you, I'm just asking....
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    The only thing that I'd recommend in addition to what you stated is soak her foot in warm epsom salt water for about 20 minutes or so prior to surgery. This will help soften and loosen up the scab and surrounding tissue as well as draw out the infection. Soak as often as you wish to draw out infection. I usually squeeze the heck out of the footpad after soaking to get all the goop out and repeating as necessary. Good luck.
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    Quote:Is this going to leave a really really deep hole in her foot? How long do you think it will take for healthy skin to grow back?
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    It's gonna be quite an undertaking and will take a few weeks to heal completely. Her case looks pretty advanced and will be deep. Also, I don't think she needs the oral antibiotics.
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    The healthy tissue will regenerate alot faster then you'd think considering there is gonna be a pretty big chunk missing after all is said and done. What I would do is soak the foot for about 10 minutes in an epsom salt/betadine solution. Then pat dry and slather with a triple antibiotic ointment, wrap as you would after bumblefoot surgery and leave it on for a day or 2, take off the bandage and that plug should come out of there really easy without all the fuss of long soaks and poking/digging. Once the foot is clear of the "gunk" resoak the foot for just a few minutes to flush out the cavity, pack with triple antibiotic ointment (without pain reliever) and wrap her foot changing the bandage every day or so until its healed up, I am guessing about 1-2 weeks til she is good to go.
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