Bleeding and feather loss under my chickens wings

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    Mar 2, 2014
    So this afternoon we came home from a weekend away to find one of our chickens in great distress. We only have four chickens, 3 bantams and one of which we do not know. Her name is Edith and she was one a VERY fluffy grey funny looking chicken with blue cheeks. Today, she is tiny, covered in mostly down, and her wing feathers are literally missing. Just the feather stems remain. The poor thing has two large sores under each wing that are bleeding. One of which, the skin is almost crisp, with a hole in it, and I can move this skin over her body looking inside to her breast. She is shaking and afraid and I do not know what to do. Could it be a parasite? Lice? Mites? The three bantams have pecked her since day 1 (they are 7 months old now), and I'm afraid that they will continue to hurt my already injured chicken. Has anyone found bleeding skin on their chickens? The blood us also coming from wounds where the feathers start on her wings.
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    The others are feather picking, pecking at her. It sounds as if this is rapidly approaching the point where cannibalism might take place. If she were mine, I would separate her from the flock.

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