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    Jul 21, 2015
    I have three four week old chicks. They are being raised in the coop with the big birds. They have their own cage and several safe places to go to get away from the three big girls who sometimes like to go after them. Today I noticed that one of the chicks was leaving a trail of blood. At first I thought her face was bleeding since it was all red on the right side. Then I noticed that there was blood on one of her toes. Every time she scratches her face she spreads blood all over it. I cleaned her toe with some warm water to see if I could get a better look at what was going on. Once I cleaned off all the clotted blood I notice that the blood was coming from the very tip of her claw. It must have broken off. It is not totally broken off. If it wasn't for the blood coming out of the end of it you wouldn't even notice. I put some bacitracin on it but don't know what good it will do, I am sure it won't last long. I confined her to her cage for now (they usually have full access to the coop and run).

    I did notice while cleaning her up that her face does seem to be bald in the spot where I thought she was bleeding. So, there is a chance that either she got pecked in the face by a bigger bird or perhaps her broken claw is sharp and she is scratching herself raw. I don't see any active bleeding on her face so can't be certain that the blood is just from her claw or also from a small cut on her face.

    Other that cleaning her claw, which I did, is there anything I should do?

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