Bleeding from the Rear an blood on her egg

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    Hi looking for a bit of advice. I let my girls out the run tonight for a bit of a wander in the garden and I noticed my White Suffolk had blood on her rear. We have had her since July and she was a bit older and hadn't been handled as a chick so she ain't the friendliest even though we have tried but after much running around the garden I eventually caught her to have a look at her and there doesn't seen to be any injury and I managed to clean most of the blood off but I noticed there was blood on her egg that she layed today, she only started laying about 3 weeks ago. Has any one any idea what this could be and how do I know if anything is wrong, there is no blood in her poop as I checked and I have sprayed her back end with anti pecking spray (not near the anus) to keep the other 2 girls from going near that area but she seems to be hiding in the coup most of the time, she is eating and drinking and being her usual self. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    It can be normal for new layers to have a smear of blood on an egg occasionally, but she may have been pecked by the others, so I would watch for bullies. Bad tasting creams may help to combat pecking. We have Nustock, a sulfur/pine oil-based cream, Bag Balm, and Vick's salve, as well as anti-pick lotions made by different companies here in the US. Old timers used pine tar (just a tiny bit) on skin to prevent pecking, but it can be sticky and messy, but that is why it worked. Sometimes hens can suffer from a prolapsed vent, where the cloaca will protrude from the vent exposing red tissue. It can get stuck, or go back inside on it's own, but if others see it, they will peck and cause injury.

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