bleeding, unabsorbed yolk sac?

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    Aug 20, 2012
    I just had a batch of chicks hatch out today. Two of the chicks had not fully absorbed their yolk sacs. With one of them it looks like it has partially detached from the body and it is dragging it around. It is bloody and leaves a small trail of blood where ever it walks. It peeps loudly and wobbles around with a lot of strength, but it also stops to rest much more than the others (it was one of the last to hatch--maybe 5 hours ago or so).

    I used a foam incubator and had 18 eggs. Just after the first one pipped two nights ago the temperature suddenly dropped about 5 degrees. I couldn't get it to go back up--some malfunction or other and really bad timing! I removed the lid and hung a brooder lamp over the incubator to get the temp back up, although it was difficult to keep it completely stable with the lamp. I also ran a humidifier in my laundry room where the eggs were and I got humidity from 55% to 65%, but it took a little while. I was shocked that 6 of the eggs still hatched after that, but I don't know if there is anything I should do for the chicks with the sacs unabsorbed. I have moved all the chicks to a brooder box with paper towels and have kept the humidifier on. Anything else? [​IMG]
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    Leave them alone and keep them warm under the brooder lamp. it will dry off.

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