Bleeding vent!!HelpHelp!! Warning - graphic pictures


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
The Dalles OR
Hi, I just found a very bloody egg it was a big one, but there was so much blood I knew somthing was not right. So dh and I started to look at butts. She is almost a year old EE She has been eating and drinking fine no problems. They eat 20% laying crumbles, have oyster shell, grit, fresh water and about an acre to roam. We heard her in the hen house sqwaking but they do that when they lay. I do not know If someone was pecking her or what It looks like a cut right on the opening of her vent.Boy It looks Like it hurts. She is in the garage we washed her up with baby soap I did not want it to burn. So what do I do now. put neosporin on it leave her inside. I did put a friend with her because she was making such a fuss. I am a newbie sorry please all the info would be great.
Sounds like you're doing fine so far.

Watch her to make sure she is still eating & drinking, maybe put aspirin in her water for pain and keep an eye on her.
I had this same problem with 2 of my EE's, she will be just fine, some people would say to put her in a dark room for a few days. Just give her light once in a while so she can eat. This is to stop her laying for a few days so she can heal up. I did this, and mine still kept on laying.

Make sure that the friend you put with her doesn't peck at her and remember that if you keep them away for too long from the others, they will have to go through the whole pecking order thing again.

But basically, you are doing exactly right. Good luck
She looks ok. You did all the right things. As long as there isn't any blood present, you could put her back in with the others. But don't be surprised if you get bloody eggs for awhile. Mine did for quite awhile, but when there wasn't any exterior blood, I let them stay in with the others. The blood got less and less over time and now they are doing just fine.

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