Blind baby chick?

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8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I just received my order of baby chicks, and it seems that one of them is blind. It doesn't open its eyes and when I try to they don't seem to open all the way. He/she is very weak and I am not sure if it is just weakness or if maybe it can't stand either. I have been trying to get it to eat and drink water, but I am not sure I have been successful. I received them this morning (through the mail), and it is the evening now, and it is still hanging on. I understand from the receipt that they were hatched maybe the 31st. They are Black Australorps. My question is: if it is blind, and survives the night, is there anything I can do for it? I have become kind of attached to it today and would really like to save it if I can.


8 Years
May 18, 2011
Amarillo, Texas
I just got my chicks in the mail this morning as well, 2 of them wouldn't open their eyes... after a couple of hours they finally perked up and opened their eyes and began exploring the brooder. I wouldn't ignore it completely just saying there is hope that it is just being "stubborn" and not blind.

As far as getting it to drink have you tried putting a drop of water on his beak and letting it kind of roll along the side? I've done this with a couple that wouldn't drink and when I did it they would open their mouths and drink that little drop of water. It may help until someone more knowledgeable (sp) can come along and give you some advice.


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9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Whitesburg, GA
Can you give me an update on your chick. Has it survived? I too believe I have a blind chick. Just wondering how you were dealing with it?

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