Blind chick?

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Hi all, I've recently gotten into this hatching thing. I've search the forums for a while for advice but I have a problem that I can't seem to find an answer for. On Friday, my first chick hatched and seemed a bit wobbly but okay. I followed the advice of the forum and got it some nutridrench that helped it immensely. It was eating and drinking okay and seemed to be okay. Now, it appears as if t is going blind. It randomly pecks at the floor and can't seem to find or use the water dish anymore. I tried the finger by the eyes test and only got a slight reaction on the right eye, nothing on the left. The chick is eating a medicated starter from a Southern States and gets nutridrench in the water as well as me supplementing with some nutridrench. Any advice or tips, or is this just one that may need to be culled? This is a bantam chick so it is tiny. I didn't want to use vitamin A or E until I got a more definitive answer from you guys as I know since they are fat soluble I didn't want to over supplement. Thanks in advance!!
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry you're having trouble.

    Poultry Nutri-Drench already contains a small amount of Vitamins A and E.

    Unfortunately there is no way to know what is causing the blindness without testing. Since this is a chick that recently hatched, I would suspect that it is a genetic, development or possibly nervous system disorder.

    Do the best you can, personally I would provide her with vitamins and wet chick starter along with a little chopped egg or tuna (for Selenium) and see how it goes.

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