Blind chicken info /experiences ?

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    Mar 1, 2017
    I have a born blind two month old barred rock . She is very small but seems healthy and is very friendly but is picked on by the largest chicken and rooster so she is currently kept inside at night and supervised with the others. She won't eat food out of my hand and has weird behaviors. Can someone please give me advice . Would she be okay in a small coop by herself? She sleeps during the day sometimes and is up till midnight chirping.

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    This is tough... is she totally blind? I have a hen who has bilateral cataracts, so can see light & movement ans she bumbles around with the rest of the flock. If your hen is totally blind, they will pick on her and may kill her since she is a 'liability' to flock safety.
    Personally, I would build her a small pen/coop and give her a friend to be with - perhaps a bantam hen would work well. Since chickens are very social creatures, she would be unhappy on her own. The main thing with her is once you get her into the pen, make sure you keep the drinker/feeder in the same spot so she can acclimate to her space.
    Good luck and please keep us posted, [​IMG]
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    So we blocked off a nesting box and put her own food and water in there and her and the other chickens can communicate without them being able to hurt her. It's pretty funny that I can tell If anyone is even thinking about coming at her while they are all out in the yard and I just scream that chickens name and point at them and they back off and run away. It's going to be time consuming to supervisor her every day but I'm a mom so I think this could work.
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    Blind chickens can lead very happy and fulfilled lives. Mumble is a very good example of this - you can read her story here

    I am also a fan of her facebook page:

    Blind animals need a certain amount of care - Mumble is definitely a house chicken, but she gets to spend lots of time outdoors with the rest of her flock, as well as visiting all sorts of other places with her owner.

    If you have the time and energy to devote to the care of your bird then I am certain that she will have a great life too - well done for caring so much about her! [​IMG]

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