Blind in one eye pullet eating eggs

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    I know that there are a million posts about egg eating and I have looked at a lot. I plan on trying to blow out an egg and fill with mustard or hot sauce. The isssue with mine is that she is blind in one eye and has very poor depth perception. I see her eating but she is always getting left behind (they are free range) and she is constantly running up to one of us looking for treats. Is it possible that she isn't getting enough of something and if so what do I do to correct it? I will not get rid of her as she is a sweetheart, and would prefer to let her free range if possible but can put her in a pen with mommy, chicks and extra roo, but if I do that she will also have to compete with the bunnies for food.

    The extra roo was her buddy and he is only locked up until roo number one goes to freezer camp in a week. Is it possible that this behavior started because I locked him up? I am almost positive it is her due to the fact that I gathered eggs the one day and was holding them when I petted her and she took a swipe at them. The next day I saw yolk on her and lots of it. Today I went to collect eggs and I normally get 2 or 3 and my dad gets 2 as he has 2 layers in with mine. There was only one egg left and it was pushed into the corner and covered in yolk.

    Ok rant over, I need lots of ideas. Please I know everyone on here can help any ideas except eating and getting rid of are welcome. Thanks!

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    I would not think that the hen is missing something as long as you are feeding a pellet or crumble of some sort. Do you have oyster shell out for them? I bet she is kinda bored and maybe the roo kept her occupied by calling her attention to treats and things on the ground. I try to keep them busy by hanging apples or vegetables for them to peck at. You can use suet boxes too, I put a variety of things in the suet boxes (cages). bread, graham crackers, apples and cabbage can be hung by some twine/rope. I especially like to do that in the winter when the ground is frozen and the bugs are gone.
    definately give her a surprise in an egg though..I bet that fixes it.

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