Blind Parakeet?

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Carencro, Louisiana
    Yes, I do have a blind parakeet. I was wondering...If I'm not the only one out there?
    This is how mine got blind: We usually hang our small birds up with their cage outside. Oneday the hook broke, and the parakeets were hanging from it. The cage falls, and the birds get out, then our dog, Anne, grabs sunny and takes off. I'm inside on the computer when I hear him SCREAMING. I run outside and see Anne just nawing on his head. I slap her and push her out the way and take the bird. I run inside to clean him up, he is still alive. I wrap him in a towl and put some neosporin on his cuts and eye. He doesn't look like he's gonna make it at this point. I thinking, should I put him down or not? I chose not too. The next day, he's doing better, I was 100% sure he was blind. He wasn't eating, so I fed him through a dropped, same for water. After 2 weeks of caring for him, he is finally standing up and eating on his own. I was so happy, I needed to get another parakeet, since the other one flew away. So, I get one, it took a while, but they go used to each other. Sunny, right now, looks like a normal bird. But he can't see a thing. But he knows his way around the cage, and knows where the food and water is. He's one strong bird. I'll put pics up soon. [​IMG]

    (Sorry for any misspellings.)
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    You'v got yourself a strong little trooper.

    I'v had a blind Shar Pei Dog (He was born fine & at 6 weeks one of his litter mates bit & scratched up his eyes when playing, Which was to bad even though he ("Snowman aka No-No") was the runt & had to be tubefed at first, he would have been the only SQ in the litter) & a 1 & a half winged Ringneck Dove 1" bar spacing was to wide with a Cat in the house [​IMG] I felt so guilty, she "Atari" was fine but never was the same after that)

    Animals are so much better then people with getting over it & living in the now, If only we were 1/4 as mighty as our pets...

    But Sunny is the first blind Parakeet that I have herd of.

    ~ Della ~
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    Aug 11, 2010
    well if his live ever declines i would consult with vet and talk about his life quality, glad he's doing good

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