Blind uterus.

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    Jul 31, 2016
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    My silkie unfortunately prolapsed will trying to pass (the worlds biggest) egg. It was way too big for her, I rushed her to my vets and we cleaned her up and tried to remove the egg. With no luck we sedated her and two of my vets confirmed there was no hole for the egg to come out of (blind uterus). She had torn and bruised her rectum where she had been trying to push so hard and ended up with fluid pouring from her mouth. In the end we made the decision to put her to sleep because of the damage already done, if she hadn't of torn or bruised I would of spayed her and kept her well as a non egg laying pet, but there was no life for her.

    Absolutely broke my heart. Has anyone else experienced something to this extent? :hit


  2. Wow....I never heard of that in Chickens....I know it happens in other animals...So why not a Chicken too?
    That is awful...Sorry you lost her....

    Best of luck....

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