"Blind" Wild Turkey (in the wild). Pox? Contact DNR?

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    Apr 18, 2010
    While out hunting this weekend, I was sitting, and looked behind me to see a turkey roosting in a tree. Usually it's not strange, however, it was about 10am, and wild turkeys were long gone from the roost. I watched for a while, and the darn bird FELL out of the tree. I watched, figuring it would wander off, but as I watched, it would stand up, wobble, and lay down. NOT normal turkey behavior.

    I figured I'd spook him on his way, so I stood up. Nothing. Over a few minutes, I slowly walked right to him.

    It was a older tom, based on the long beard, long spurs, and long beak. His problem was obvious - he couldn't see. I know it's not "right" but it looked like his eyes were covered with skin or something. He didn't look "warty" more than normal wild turkeys look, but he was plainly unhappy.

    The next part of the story, well, lets just say I didn't think it through very well [​IMG] Just because you can catch a wild turkey doesn't mean you can hold him.

    Turkey season is over for hunting, and even so, the gun I was deer hunting with was not suitable for dispatching a turkey. The last thing I need is a ticket for shooting out of season, and to loose my gun.

    So, there is a blind turkey wandering the property and I'm sure he will be taken down by a predator. However, my concern (and posting reason) is if this is something "normal" for wild turkey, or is it something that needs reporting? Ideas on disease? Is it communicable? My hunting clothes are kept separate, and I won't be seeing my chickens until I bath thoroughly.

    The turkey population is very high on that property, which may have something to do with it.

    Thank you!

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