Blk Australorp found. Roo or hen?


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Jun 6, 2010
A family moved over the weekend and opened their coop door and let all their chickens loose. This chicken was found wandering around T-Mobile. It looks like a blk Australorp to me, with feathers that have a green and purple tint in the sunlight. It has amber eyes, rather than dark eyes. I don't know if it is a hen or roo. From all the photos I have seen, it looks more like a roo to me. I have had it for 3 or 4 days. No eggs, and I heard soft "er-er-er" crowing from it, the last two mornings. 6 "er-er-er"'s all in a row yesterday morning.

I had someone who saw these photos say it was definetly a hen. And I have heard that sometimes dominant hens will crow a little bit. It is dominant, calm, quiet but also grabs my pullets by the back of the neck and doesnt let go until they pull themselves free. I havent seen it try to mount any of them, but they are all young. Less than 12 weeks except for one who is 17 weeks, a BO and she isnt laying yet either.

So main thing I want to know is
1. Roo or hen?
2. Black Australorp with amber eyes?
Now to see if I can figure out how to put a photo here.

Thanks so much for any input you can share.
Paige, a chicken addict



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Apr 24, 2010
gryeyes; how old is Matilda? I have 2 BA's, 10 weeks old, and one has absolutely no comb and the other has a small red comb. I just assumed if they had a red comb they were roos.... New to chickens, sure you could tell


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Jul 5, 2009
Its a Rooster. But I think It is just so irresponsible for people to just "let them Free". He's pretty though.


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Feb 10, 2010
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Quote:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I wonder if one of the Australorp's we have is going to be a ROO!
The 4 "girls" are 9 weeks old, but one has blossomed a big comb & waffles, where the other 3 only have dinky combs.
And the one with the comb & waffles is more aggressive.
Bought them at the same time from the feed store, they were supposed to be about the same age and sex....LOL

Whatcha think?

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