bloated newly hatched leghorn cross

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  1. I just got a leghorn cross that hatched today and it was bloated, maybe to pasty butt. I cleaned it off for the chick and helped it expel the contents it needed to get rid of but my question is about the color of what was expelled. the liquid as well as the solids that came out were green and i am not sure if it is going to live it has had a very traumatic time already and i am afraid it has used its energy up any feedback would be much appreciated.
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    My first batch ever hatched this past weekend. They all came out with extended bellies. And they could hardly move they were so tired. They looked like they were just falling over dead. I would tap the box on the first chick just to make sure it was alive. When the rest did the same, I stopped tapping and just let them be. I think this is normal. Also, all of them had this floresent green poop for their first bowel movement. I believe this was normal, too. If none of this was normal, just to make you feel better, all 10 of my babies are just fine. LOL
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    Sounds like the humidity may have been to high during the incubation. That will give you big bloated looking chicks. Most will still make it OK, they will just be slower getting started.

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