Blocked nares! Blocked by food? silkie hen.

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  1. camelidae

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    Jan 17, 2011
    Hello, I'm new to this forum thingy I've come seeking advice. I have an 8+ y/o silkie hen that has blocked nares. One is much more so blocked than the other. After talking to local vet (no chicken vets around here) and showing pictures it was decided she had some sort of cancer/growth and her time was limited. Unsatisfied with that diagnosis and after much internet searching I think she has a food blockage! I've tried to clean the nostrils with swabs and trying to soften with saline drops after some digging I do think it is food but I am discouraged I wont get it all out without stressing her to death. She is eating, lively, fat, and happy. No mites, no diarrhea, just blocked nares. No other problems but stresses terribly when trying to clean nares. Unsure what to do at this point. Any suggestions appreciated!
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Glad to hear she's eating and drinking, and seems healthy. I'd probably drop or wipe her nose with saline, just for a moment, whenever you can. Maybe it will eventually dislodge or soak through whatever is there. At least saline should not cause pain or harm.
  3. camelidae

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I wishI had searched sooner rather than settle for cancer / growth diagnosis as long as I did. It has grown so much I the past couple of days I'm afraid she ll succumb to resp distress. I'll saline often and hope it helps! How in the world did she get so much food in there? Is this a common ailment? If I can get this cleared how can I prevent it again? Thanks!!!
  4. camelidae

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    Jan 17, 2011
    Just an update... Spoke with another vet extensively about my little silkie. Diagnosis food pus feathers etc impaction . Appearently he sees this often and it deforms the nares and creates a hard mass like obstruction! So no cancer no tumor just a weird food nasty blockage. I am gradually cleaning out her sinuses after saline drops with a small tool. She is perfectly behaved for it and since so much material has been removed she has little to no difficulty breathing or stressing during. Also ophthalmic drops being placed in nares for help with healing and possible discomfort.
  5. loppylou

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    I'm currently having this problem with my silkie hen too, only one nostril blocked but causing her eye to run and be puffy. I'm slowly cleaning and removing the food, if it is food to see if her eye stops watering :S iv read dissolving salt in hot water and dabbing in the nose breaks the food up. Good luck
  6. Feggy

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Hi there, I'm new to BYC even though I've been reading the discussions for a few years...
    My 4 year old Frizzle has a blocked nostril with a lump behind it. It sounds similar to what you're describing in this thread.
    I've been cleaning the nostril with a warm solution of hibiscrub & given her baytril twice daily. It's just sooo solid and she really goes nuts when I try to clean it with a q-tip!
    What did you do with your chuck in the end please? did you leave it alone or did you get the nostril clear?
    thanks :D
  7. Twinks 21

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hi. I have this problem now with my Poland bantam. Have a product called Green Barrier eye and nose lotion. It is used to soften mucus in horses but can be used on is a Natural product and may be in US there is a similar thing . It does soften the food etc in nose and can be picked out carefully with the feather quill. Hope this helps anyone in future. Best wishes. Brenda.
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  8. mizsteffieb

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    I just saw your post after searching for ideas for a pullet who is such a messy eater it seems she plugs her left nare. I'm concerned that you cleaned your chicken's face/mucus membranes/close to her eye with "hibiscrub", which I'm guessing is related to Hibiclens, a chlorhexidine product. This should never be used near mucus membranes and eyes as it is toxic to these tissues. If your vet told you to do this they need to be educated.

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