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    Oct 13, 2010
    Franklin, NC
    Okay so I have a friend that keeps telling me I need a blog, but I have no clue how to get started? Is there a blogging for dummies [​IMG] What do you blog about? What are some good blog sites? I have so many questions for something so simple [​IMG] I over think everything [​IMG] Any info on starting a blog would be very helpful.

    Thanks!! [​IMG]
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    Jun 15, 2011
    First, you should use . You can blog on whatever! Your pets, or every day! Even both. It's real easy. If you have more questions, I'll be back to answer em!
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    Well, blogging about a topic that you personally find interesting is always a good idea. [​IMG] I blog about farming, my family, and Christianity, three major parts of my life.

    I use but there's also Blogger, Typepad, and a few other blogging sites. Sometimes you have to try out a couple to find one you like.
  4. BookWorm243

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Franklin, NC
    Thanks guys! I think that is what I can't decide on. Should I do a personal blog, or a blog on cooking/baking? Hmm [​IMG] I'm leaning towards cooking/baking just because it would be more interesting then my personal life [​IMG] How often do you blog? Once a week? every other day? I guess it really doesn't matter [​IMG]
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    Sep 7, 2011
    woud recommend blogger out of them all,as its very easy to get started with.

    as for the topic,if are wanting to have regular readers/viewers;and get them returning; make sure the topic has a theme/s which isnt already totaly overused.

    just google this:
    cooking and baking

    ^its known as a 'dork',these are like a code which sifts out all the unwanted crap and only includes the topic [always before inurl:] and specific website requested.
    have a look through all the blogs there and see what sort of 'hooks' theyre using.
    perhaps it coud be both personal and about food/baking.

    here is a great example of a blog which saw a market that will never be in overkill:
    its not been going that long and its incredibly popular,handwritten comics which portray the funny stuff cats do so cat lovers relate to it,to be fair yasmin is a profesional artist though so not everyone woud be able to do it.

    and another personal favourite:
    chase is to put it one way,a very unique cat,he had a severe facial disfigurement since a accident as a kitten,and changes the way people think towards disability,unfortunately his human mum is a vet so she doesnt have to much time to update his blog,he has a tubby tabby brother called zooey to, this blog whether intended or not has a few 'hooks' [cats,chases severe accident,disability,being moralistic-showing people life goes on when they are impaired with something,showing that looks dont mean anything].

    mine are both based around autism.
    had originaly started them as a way at getting the stuff in head out,as am not able to communicate it verbaly,and its still used in the same way now.
    one [in profile] has been going for years and is based around experiences as a classic autistic person in residential care,but also with accessing other services such as mencap and national autistic society day centres, accessing hospital treatment etc. but also about life in general.
    the social services learning disability team that am a service user of have used the blog for a long time to learn about autism,had not known they knew for ages until was brought into the office and told not to use first names or initials in the abuse case enquiries that was going through from support staff because they can turn it around and get legals involved,but was told that its taught our local SS-LD team more about autism than any training and text book ever did,they tried to encourage to turn it into a book but its one thing writing a blog and completely another writing a book.
    every speech and language therapist has heard of the blog before have even met them,and all the staff here use it.

    and...the other blog,that had recently started is based around childhood with autism,the idea is both to help self heal with revisiting past memories,but also to help others understand what autism and other issues can be like.

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