Blood and Feathers

It all depends on where you live. I leave the blood and feathers where they drop. Chickens and dogs eat the blood and I the feathers eventually disappear. There really isn't that much blood, even with 25 chickens. If you don't want to leave the feathers just rake 'em up in a bag.
Once processed how should I preserve them? Do I need to do anything special?

I let them rest for a couple days then vacuum seal 'em. In the past, I put them in the fridge for resting but my last batch I put in a LARGE cooler in garage covered with ice. It worked OK but even though I drained the water several times a day, chickens on the bottom got water logged. I'm doing another batch in a couple weeks and this time I'm freezing water in very large zip lock bags and placing those in the cooler. This way, there will be no melt water and I can just keep recycling the thawed bags with frozen bags.

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