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    Oct 29, 2010
    I just found my 8 month old Delawre standing out in the run, and blowing some blood from her nostrils.

    I have no idea on what it could be caused by.

    I have bought her inside in a crate to keep warm - but, other than that??

    She doesn't appear to have any injuries, but is very lethargic.

    I need suggestions, please.

    Edited to add:

    I listened closely and she may be wheezing - ever so slightly.

    Her crop seems empty, I'm just cooking some scrambled eggs to tempt her.

    She seemed fine earlier this morning,
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  3. Auscal

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    Oct 29, 2010
    Just thought I'd update:

    sponged off blood, kept chicken inside overnight - my other three show no symptoms

    Day 2, friday: not much change, slight wheeze/raspy breathing, still lethargic, little appetite, separated from other chickens, inside at night
    Day 3: saturday, breathing seems better, still not much poop
    Dat 4; Sunday, wheezing is back, and worse, still very little poop, gave 20 minute warm bath (considering just possible egg bound as well)
    Day 5: Monday wheezing worse, injected Tylan 50, 1/2 cc, lethargic, still little poop, gave another bath
    Day 6: Tuesday, wheezing the same, another Tylan injection, white liquid poop
    Day 7:Wenesday, wheezing less, more energy, still very little poop
    Day 8: Thursday, wheezing only very slight, more energy, still not pooping much
    Day 9: Friday, wheezing all gone!!, energy level seems normal (always a calm chicken), back with the others during the day

    My only concern now is this chicken does not poop much - or seem tot eat that much al all , but, her crop seems partially full. I'm thinking(hoping) the appetite may pick up when she is with the others. She will stay inside at night, and be in the yard with other chickens during the day for another 5 days (during withdrawal period).

    It now appears this chicken is not yet laying (8 1/2 month old delaware), I thought she was since about two months ago I had two concurrent five egg days (from 5 chickens). She definitely hasn't laid in the past 8 days.

    My diagnosis is that she had some type of relatively mild respiratory infection, treated by Tylan.

    I'm glad for the informatin I was able to gather from other threads on this forum.

    Now if I could only figure out why she doesn't hardly poop at all...................

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