Blood in baby chicks poop HELP! How much corid???


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
Just found bloody dropping...bright red, small amount, in 5 and 3 week old chicks...not sure which one did it, but probably doesn't matter. I have 9.6% corid liquid, can anyone tell me dosage?
Diff, I found the bloody poop right as I had to drive my son to school, and I panicked and wrote a quick post. I was just getting ready to post that I'd found 9.6cc per gallon of water and was hoping that was correct. That is what I mixed up which is about 1 1/2 tsps it looks like per gallon. Am I overdosing them? The post I found was from dawg. It was in reply to someone who originally posted about 3.5 week old chicks. I've read that once there is blood in the poop it's too late. Has anyone here experiences positive results from treating after blood was seen? I was examining poop VERY closely last night. A couple of them I found seemed questionable especially under a red lamp, so I'd gotten my flashlight which the baby chicks of course went nuts for. They just seemed runny ish and brown, but this morning was definitely a small spot of bright red. Ugh!!!

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