Blood in Chick Poop???

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May 2, 2009
We have four three week old chicks, and this is the second time in two weeks that I have seen blood in their poop. It's always been in their cage, so I don't know which one it is. They are all eating and drinking all right, and they are all energetic. I saw one of them pooping, and he had bright red skin (it wasn't blood, I don't think so, anyway) on the inside of his vent, too far inside for the other chicks to peck at. The rooster, their dad, has bright red skin on his stomach and around his vent. It's just the way his skin is, but I was wondering if maybe this gene was passed to one of the chicks. Could it just be thin skin inside the vent? There has never been much blood in the poop, and it's usually only one or two poops. Does anyone have any ideas?
Oh, and has anyone ever had a chick with what seemed to be an overly large vent? We have one like this; maybe the chicks were pecking at her vent? She acts normally. Thanks!


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Mar 10, 2009
Quiet Corner, CT
I have asked this question and others have as well...if the poop is not runny and the chick is acting normally, there is probably nothing to worry about. Sometimes they pass intestinal lining and it looks red in an otherwise normal poop. You have to worry if there are other signs from the chick, such as not eating, low energy, separating itself out from the others and sitting "fluffed" up on his legs in a crouch....or if runny red poo, etc. etc.

Hope that helps!

Edited to add:
If you are feeding treats to them without much grit, that can cause some intestinal shredding as the gizzard is not developed enough to breakdown the "treat" enough.
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