Blood in coop

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Yesterday I went to change the bedding in my coop and there was blood. I changed and cleaned the coop and this morning blood again. The blood doesn't appear to be in the poop, its as if one of the chickens is pooping all blood and no normal chicken poop ( i would attack a photo but id rather not gross anyone out). Ive checked the poop charts online and there doesn't seem to be a picture of what I'm seeing. I also looked up on Coccidiosis, which i guess it could be but i was hoping someone had some insight for me.

    I sat and watched the chickens in their run this morning and one my chickens is acting a little strange. As the other 3 chickens are doing their usual morning fun, my one chicken is sitting my the water drinking, not looking bummed, just looking a little dazed.

    the chickens are about four and a half months old.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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