Blood in egg due to rooster being with hens

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  1. jewels4710

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    Nov 16, 2015
    Someone told me that if you always let the rooster be with the hens it will cause blood in the eggs all the time. Is this true or is the person mistaken? I have read that sometimes there may be a small amount of blood in the egg which is nothing to worry about. We now have a rooster but have not put him with the girls yet. Before I do I want to be sure of this before putting him with them all or just a few. Still new at having my own chickens and still learning. Any thoughts. Thank you!
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    Not true at all. I have never had blood in any of my eggs, and I have several roosters in my flock.
  3. enola

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    Blood in eggs is caused by a hemorrhage in the egg making parts of your hen. It has absolutely nothing to do with the rooster mating your hen.
  4. jewels4710

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    Nov 16, 2015
    Thank You!! That is what I thought. Just was wanting to see if others would agree or disagree. Put my mind at easy and maybe someone else also.
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    This video will explain how blood can get into eggs...and other things as well:
    Egg Formation Video

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