Blood in poo!

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    Jul 25, 2011

    I noticed some blood in a chicken poo laid this morning - I'm not sure who of my four chickens it belongs to though. None of them seem unwell.

    We had two chickens die two months ago from a respiratory infection, leaving us with one lonely hen. So after a course of antibiotics, lots of disinfectant of the run and waiting for a month we then got three new point of lay hens two and half weeks ago.

    They were kept isolated for two weeks, displayed no signs of illness, so were introduced to our existing hen at the weekend.

    If anyone has any ideas on whether this poo indicates a problem, and what that might be, i'd love to hear your thoughts.


    Many thanks

    PS - i hope this photo works, i've never uploaded a photo onto a forum before!
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    Many times new introduced chickens are not immune to the strains of cocci that exist in their new yard like your old flock had become immune to. So it is possible that one or all three of the new ones have cocci. You might need to start on the Corid if it does not clear up soon. If you have any yogurt or probiotics around, even the human kind, it would do the new chickens intestinal tracts some good to ingest good flora. Good luck with the new chickens! [​IMG]
  4. helenalex

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Thanks guys - judging by the gallery I don't think it's intestinal lining. It looks quite oily/greasy. Does this sound like Cocci?

    I'll giev them some natural yoghurt and order some Cocci treatment right now.


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