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  1. I picked up some 3 week old chickens 2 days ago, and I noticed there was blood in some of the poo. I sat with them for awhile and watched, and one seemed to be a little less active than the others, although she is eating really well and has bursts of running around. Can someone please advise me on what to do.
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    Just make sure it's blood not the normal shedding of intestinal lining which can look like it. If you google types of chicken poo you should find a site that has photos of shed lining.

    When you buy new chicks if you change feed from what they are used to its common to get that. You tend to see it less as they get older.

    Now there is also some very serious diseases that include actual blood in poop but I would discount the she'd lining first. Perhaps gross as it sounds share some pics. I know when mine were new I even went as far as buying the medication for the nasty one because of the same thing but it was just she'd lining so I wasted my money :)
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    I would be highly suspicious of coccidiosis... Pictures:



    I would try to find some of that ASAP.
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  4. [​IMG] This is the chicken and this is the poo, I sat with them all afternoon so I could be sure which chicken, and its a different one to what I originally thought, this little one has been very active, is that a good sign? I cant buy anything until tomorrow because the vet doesn't open today, I have 7 others and their poo is all good.
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    That doesn't look like shed lining - I would seriously start treating for coccidiosis ASAP.

    Even if only one has poo like that, you said another looks a bit off from time to time, so treat the water for the whole flock.
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    You should be able to find medicine for that at Tractor Supply or a similar store. If you are seeing blood in the poop, start treating now. That is a dangerous situation. Don’t wait until Monday. Even if it is not Coccidiosis it will not hurt to treat them.

    Have you fed them anything red lately? I had some pooping red after I fed them some cooked beet skins when I canned beets. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw that but then remembered the beet skins.

    Make sure the brooder is dry and the water is clean. A wet brooder or dirty water will make it worse.
  7. Is coccidiosis contagious? I have the 8 little ones in their own special baby coop and run, and I put them in a box at night so they all cuddle up together to keep warm. As you can see, this one is very little and I don't want to isolate her from the others if I don't have to. She is the smallest and I'm doubting that she's 3 and a half weeks like they told me. I will try our rural buying service to see if they are open and treat them all, but I think it might be closed until tomorrow, is there anything else I can give her until I'm able to treat them, and should I isolate her?
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    I think it is. I have never had problems with it(I used medicated feed).
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    You could also try to find a sulfa drug, which a pet store might have.


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