Blood in poop


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5 Years
Apr 6, 2014
I got 10 assorted marans yesterday ranging from a couple weeks to 4 weeks. The breeder I got them from had many chicks all in the same pen outside. He fed them cracked corn (don't think they have ever gotten chick feed or immunizations).

When we brought them home we noticed they smelled horrible. I am assuming it was their poop, but could be just them that stink (I have raised many chicks and they just don't smell right). I noticed before I went to bed that in one dropping there was some blood. They are all active and eating and drinking. None of the other droppings had any.

Should I assume this might be coccidiosis and just treat with corid? Or do you think that it may have just been the conditions, stress, and food they had eaten? I'm going to get medicated chick feed today. I only have unmedicated right now for my other birds (who are outside away from these newbies).

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