Blood in the pen?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by newchknmama, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. newchknmama

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Middleton ID
    Any ideas or leads are welcomed. My 3 week olds are in the garage in a playpen with a heat lamp. I just cleaned out the brooder yesterday and everything seemed fine, they are all acting fine eating I was inspecting the roost and noticed some dried blood on it. Then I looked more and there is quite a bit in there. It is not "with" the poop so I dont think its from that. I inspected all 5 of them as best as I could a 3 week old flapping chick and didnt see anything. Any ideas where it could be coming from?

  2. suzeqf

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    Mar 17, 2011
    i had the same problem on one of my roost in my little girl brooder luckly it turned out to be poo when i inspected it closer it was very dark brown poo it was just a different color than what i was used to seeing i did the same thing i check them all over for injuries and made sure they were eating and drinking

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