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    My suspicions are high that one of my chicks has a serious case of Cocci but It's been a very long time since I have dealt with this illness So I am looking for some help here....

    It's really upsetting, I am just about 100% sure I am going to lose this girl before morning, she became lethargic this morning and thats when i noticed the blood in her poo also. She's went downhill THIS fast. She also will not eat or drink. I have chicks with her that are much younger, even one thats only a couple days old and they're all looking fine, are active & have normal poo... I've observed them numerous times today since this morning.

    Bedding is Pellets. They were kinda broken down but still dry with the help of the red heat light and me turning them daily. Could she possibly have eating a bunch of the pellet 'dust' while she was digging around for crumbles and it made her THIS sick??

    The Sulmet will be here in the morning and I plan to treat everyone, just in case, but I am so upset about his poor baby... I can't believe she's went downhill this fast and there's nothing i can even do to help her [​IMG]
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    Hmmm... I dont think that just the pellet dust couldve made her sick. It would all depend on what the pellets are made of. Maybe she was eating them, since they are pellets, thinking they are food. I wish you luck! [​IMG]
  3. I had my first bout with Cocci earlier this Spring. After taking one of my casualities to the State lab for necropsy, the Vet there advised always keeping CORID (liquid) on hand just in case. Dilution is 5ml per gallon of water, given over 5 days. Then, 1/2 that dose for another 5 days

    Hope that helps
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    The poor girl did not make it through the night [​IMG]

    The rest of them still all seem to be acting fine and eating/drinking well. I am wondering if maybe it was caused by the chicks kicking the bedding up into their waterer? of course there was poo in the bedding too but i was constantly dumping all the bedding out of the water tray multiple times a day from them scratching around. The last few days it has been slightly elevated to keep them from getting bedding in there and it helped, but maybe the girl i lost got sick before then?

    Sulmet is the only thing I could find in the feed stores around here & it will be here this morning and i am going to move them all to the new brooder and start the treatment.
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