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    So far, I'm having great success with my precious girls, and they are laying consistently- however, I am occasionally coming across an egg with blood in the yolk- it's not a small spot like I've seen mentioned on the forums, but it's more of a spidery vein looking shape- I just throw them out, thinking it's just an anomaly like my giant torpedo eggs, but then I thought, what if there is something wrong with one of them??
    So I figured I'd ask you mass of experts.

    Many thanks

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    Sometimes during the formation of the egg a small blood vessel in the oviduct burst and the blood gets into the egg with the yolk and the white. This is quite common and no reason for concern, unless the hen continues bleeding from her vent afterwards. Sometimes, if the egg is fertile and the hen was allowed to sit on it for a day or 2 you may see blood vessels from the developing embryo. So it is better to collect eggs frequently.
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    Oh thank you, that's a relief!

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