Blood of Change - A Fantasy RP

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    Please Read First
    A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.
    B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.
    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.
    D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.
    E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.

    (Skip story for summary.)

    "We shall have a toast to our victory!"

    Everyone in the dining area, both royalty and soldiers, raised their wine-filled goblets so they could all toast together. They all had triumphant looks on their faces, the war was over! They had won and gained the riches of the neighboring kingdom. No more men should have to die, and they were once again wealthy with more gold than one could imagine.

    "To our victory in the war, and the brave men who fought for their home!"
    They all cheered and toasted to the King's words, drinking a portion of the freshly made wine that filled their silver goblets. But most people noticed that it tasted rather odd, it had an unusually metallic taste.

    As one of the slaves walked in, carrying a fine golden pitcher full of wine, the Prince turned to speak to her.
    "What was put in this wine?" He demanded suspiciously. The slave bowed her head low, refusing to make eye contact with her masters.
    "Nothing out of the ordinary, I assure you." She said quietly, a hint of fear lingering in her voice.

    The Queen dropped her goblet suddenly, and the contents spilled onto her silk dress. She shouted out in pain, gasping for breath.
    A few others had started to feel the same pain as well. It became harder to breathe, and there were stabbing pains in their spines.

    "Something has been put in this wine, I know it! Now tell us, slave. What have you done??" One of the soldiers shouted, wincing at the horrible pain.

    Tears welled up in the slave's eyes, "It was only just a little...A little-"
    "A little what?!" The King asked urgently, concerned for his wife. "What have you done to my wife??"

    "Unicorn blood!" The slave finally admitted, holding a small glass bottle full of a shiny silver liquid. "It-It won't kill you, my Lord, I swear on my own life!"

    Everyone fell silent, and the Queen fell to the ground in agony.
    "A...Unicorn?" The King asked quietly in disbelief. "We have been hunting down a unicorn, the only unicorn in the land, for centuries...Have you really slaughtered the beast?"

    "Yes, my Lord..."

    "And you gave us its blood??"

    "Yes, my Lord...But do not have fear, it will not kill you all." The slave assured him guiltily.

    "Then what will happen? What does this do??"

    "You will all turn into animals. Useless, pathetic, wild animals." The slave said, still not looking up. She no longer sounded sorry either, though.

    The King dropped his goblet, but instead of pain it was from shock.
    "You mean to tell me that you have turned us all into animals?"

    "Yes." Suddenly the slave's expression turned grave. "But it was not of my choice. The other slaves wished to rebel."

    An arrow came from the rafters and hit the slave in the chest. Her face became pale and she fell back onto the floor, apparently dead. But nobody cared enough to check at the moment, because they were all in intense pain.

    A slave jumped down from the rafters and onto the long table, a bow and arrow in hand.
    "Oh, how I pity thee!" He exclaimed with a laugh. "Poor royals and soldiers reduced to mere animals. But, I do not pity you all so much as to ignore your forms. If you look like animals, you shall be treated as such. Rid yourself from this kingdom that has been suffering in your hands for far too long! Flee, you filthy creatures, or you shall meet your demise with an arrow to your hearts!"

    The effects of the unicorn blood were now working quickly, and some of the people had already been turned into animals. They fled, dodging the arrows of the proud slave and scrambling towards the exit.

    The King looked up, defeated and exhausted after that painful and energy draining experience. He was a tiger, but did not feel strong. His wife, whom had been turned into a rabbit, was lying dead on the ground from a heart attack.

    "Ah, but alas, rabbits cannot handle much trauma. It seems the pains and fear have driven your wife's heart mad. But I am sure she is now relieved, for she never loved you, my King. Who could ever love somebody who treated their own kind as filth? Who allowed us to be beaten daily, who caused the death of our children. You showed us no mercy, so why should I show it to you?" A tear fell down the slave's cheek, as his mind filled with both anger and suffocating sorrow.
    "My brother is dead because of you. He was too young, worked too hard, was whipped far too many times to be left with wounds untreated."

    The King was going to speak, but he had lost that ability. He was merely an animal now, and could never utter a single word to another human again.

    "It's too late to apologize now. I am now the King of this kingdom, and I believe a tiger skin will look great in my chambers." He said and aimed his arrow at the King.
    "This is for my brother."

    He shot the arrow and the tiger fell limp, blood spilling onto the floor. The slave climbed off of the table and sighed, looking around and then at the thin, curled up, dirty female lying on the floor. She still hadn't moved.

    He approached her and grabbed her by the arm, yanking her up. Instead of being a limp body, the slave girl got up and smiled gladly.
    "We did it! We did it, finally! Freedom at last!" She shouted gladly, and pulled off a large golden amulet from her neck. It had blocked the arrowhead and saved her life, along with the help of her friend's perfect aim.

    "I refuse to let this greed pollute our lands any longer. All of this gold has to be returned to the destroyed kingdom, abandoned and buried." The slave stated. "Jewelry and mirrors are of no importance. I want this kingdom to work together, both the royals and the people."

    The smile that sat upon the slave girl's face quickly faded.
    "Oh, really? That was not the original plan." She said.

    "Yes, yes, I know that. But we all change our minds sometimes. I just can't have this kingdom end up in ruins like it almost was, no more greed can befall us!"

    The girl gripped her knife behind her back.
    "Are you sure about that decision?" She asked disappointedly.

    "Yes. Completely."

    The girl took her knife and stabbed the man. She dropped her weapon as he fell to the ground, staring at her.

    "What...Have you...Done??" He choked. "I thought we were a team."

    "You behave like money is no object...." She told him slowly, "But you seem to forget, that it does indeed matter to me."

    Away from the castle, a group of animals were laying on the ground together, worn out by the experience.
    "Where is our King and Queen?" A stag asked the others, sniffing the air. There was no sign of them anywhere, he was sure they were dead.

    "What shall we do now? Our kingdom is gone, and we're filthy animals now! We are of no importance!" The Princess cried. She had been turned into a rat, and was utterly disgusted.
    "We are the things we would have hunted down and skinned! We are nothing more than the food, rugs, and coats of men!"

    "I do not think this change could be so bad..." The Prince said quietly. "We have been changed by the blood of the unicorn, the most divine creature on earth. Maybe we have been changed for the better, to find out what truly resides inside of us."

    The stag agreed.
    "We have been blessed, perhaps! Blessed by the blood of change!"

    (Summary: A kingdom had just won a war, and were celebrating with a feast when they noticed their wine had been tainted. The slave, who had helped the busy kitchens by serving the wine, had snuck blood into the wine. It was blood from a unicorn she had slain, the only unicorn in the land.
    The consumption of the blood turned the drinkers into animals, and the rebellious slaves threatened them to make them leave. The Queen had been turned into a rabbit and suffered from a heart attack, while the King was full of grief and stayed long enough for the lead slave to shoot him with an arrow.
    Both sides have something new to get used to. The slaves have freedom, and the royals and soldiers are animals. What will become of them all?)


    The freed slaves:

    Family (?):
    Former job:

    The humans that drank unicorn blood:

    Previous rank:
    Previous form (human):
    Animal form:

    My character:

    Name: Bombay
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Clever, smart, and deceiving. She is great with manipulation and trickery, but is also somewhat kind at times and still wants freedom for her and the others. Nobody can really figure her out.
    History: Bombay was born in another wealthy kingdom, and would often dress in gold and silver with her sisters, but when the kingdom was raided she was taken and made a slave. Ever since she was a little girl she was raised in what seemed like an old barn as if she was an animal, and she has scars on her back from previous beatings.
    Picture/description: [​IMG]
    Family (?): They were all killed in the raid.
    Former job: Gathering crops and sometimes helping the cooks in the kitchens.

    (These characters may appear to be animals now, but that doesn't mean they have the animal mindset. They still believe in marriage, not murdering other people, and the royals still don't know how to hunt.
    Also, your characters cannot have children before the age of 20 (this isn't turning into an episode of Teen Mom) nor can they be 'mates' because again, I cannot stress this enough, they don't have the animal mindset. Marriage is still a thing, they just can't have weddings anymore.
    (And no kids before marriage. Smart decisions, people.)
    Also, characters cannot have children or any sort of romantic relationship with an animal, an animal who didn't used to be human.)

    (Don't copy, please. [​IMG] )
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