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    Apr 19, 2007
    Today my 5 week old Delaware had blood and a little cut on her beak, right in the middle. Oh no! I put on some anti-picking lotion (marigold, tea tree oil, & some other natural ingredients) and wondered if I should separate her so the other chicks wouldn't make it worse but she started flipping out to be by herself so I let her back out of the henhouse. Then I started watching closely to see if anyone was bullying. Then I noticed that 5 out of 6 chicks have small sores on their beaks with just a little red showing. What is the deal? Are these wounds likely just part of the normal pecking process or do I need to do something here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sounds to me like they are pecking at something sharp? Maybe a good once over in the coop and run, to make sure there are no nails sticking out. If its shiny, they will peck it. I would medicate the wounds...and keep an eye on them. Maybe they will "show" you what they are pecking at.

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