Blood on egg, then stopped laying. Please help!

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    I have 9 hens, no roosters. They sleep in a coop but are free to range during the day. About a month ago one hen, I believe that she is a White Leghorn, had fresh blood on her feathers near her bottom. I wasn't able to catch her to check her vent. I found her egg in the nest covered in blood. She is about 1 year old and has consistently been laying one egg per day. I had to go away for the next week so I took a wait and see approach. When I returned she was still acting normal & had a good appetite. I thought things would get back to normal but she has not laid since. I have an Americauna of about the same age but has only recently started to lay. It seems that about every third egg from her has blood on it, even though she appears to be quite healthy as well. What is going on?

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    i'm having similar experiences, but i haven't had actual blood on the feathers, just light smears of blood on the eggs, and what looked like discolored pine shavings near their poo. since i have different colored eggs, i can tell that it is a problem that seems to come and go. i have recently started to use a good deal more DE in the coop and the run. by good deal, i mean i am shaking a bit more in the shavings, and spreading it over the straw in the run. nothing else has changed that i know of.

    mine didn't stop laying, btw.

    i did pick up my girls and check their vents and they didn't appear bloody.

    anyone have any thoughts? thanks, joy
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