Blood on egg


May 20, 2019
01E0018C-00F0-408D-80F9-A241A80DBAEA.jpeg Background: 9-5 hen had prolapse that was put back and has stayed. Had one egg that weekend then none until yesterday, both normal looking. Today she laid an egg with blood on it. She seems to return to nest boxes and sits then comes out again ( I let them in yard while I am outside). She is eating and drinking normal, gobbling up crushed egg shells. Is this normal when starting to lay again? More concerning to me is the returning to nest box, like she wants to lay again. (There were 3 eggs in there before I took them) Her bottom looks normal.
I agree with @ValerieJ the prolapse history would worry me. Definitely watch her close. I've never had to deal with a prolapse, so I don't know what to expect once they start laying again.
I am getting ready to leave until Sunday morning and I am very nervous about another prolapse! Hopefully everything will be fine.
I hope everything will be well when you get back. :fl Will someone be checking on her for you while you're gone?
My son is going to check on them. I just went out again to check on her and she had a second egg!! (I collect eggs every day, sometimes twice) This egg also has blood on it but not nearly as much. I checked her bottom again and still looks OK. I am only going to be about 2+ hours away, so I can come home if needed. Hopefully her system is just resetting itself. I didn't think chickens could be so stressful, obviously I am a first timer.

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