Blood on eggs

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    My year old chicken started laying double yolk eggs that were huge. after the 4th one she started having them covered in blood. She has finally stopped laying all together but has pulled out almost all her feathers. With winter coming I hate for her to freeze. Any ideas.
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    There are several things that mey be going on.

    She may be undergoing a normal molt. They typically lose many feathers and stop laying.

    The other thing that comes to mind are mites. Sometomes with mites they will have blood on the outdide of the shell as they lay the egg (vs on the interior like blood spots). They may become unthrifty, pale or may lose feathers as well.

    The two are not mutually exclusive--you may have a hen that is molting that also has mites. You can do a search here for mites and see if the description matches anything you are seeing and treat if you see signs of mites. I had red mites this summer and one of my hens did have blood on her shell for several weeks before I discoverd the mites (because I had itchy bumps from handling the hens).

    Oh, and I almost forgot [​IMG] !
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    Additionally, there possibly could be a vitamin/mineral deficiency if she's picking out her feathers and if it's not mites. This could also reflect the huge eggs she's laying. Ensure she is being fed layer feed containing 16-18% protein. Cut WAY back on treats and scratch. Add poultry nutri drench to her water for 5 days, then replace it with regular freshwater.
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    Wow, ok I will check for mites. they have been treated in the past and seemed to be doing fine. Hopefully new treatment will work well. Thanks.

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