Blood on feeders - no sign of injury - mystery!

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    Dec 16, 2011
    I walked into my coop tonight and was startled to notice that my feeder had a band of blood around the bottom 4-5 inches. It's a 30# galvanized feeder that sits on 2 cinder blocks. My second feeder (50# hanging galvanized)has an almost identical band blood on the part that holds the feed: 4-5 inches of blood, almost perfectly even all the way around. I immediately checked all of my chickens. A couple of them had blood on their feathers but no open wounds. One leghorn in particular had a good about of blood stains. I checked combs and battles especially, but nothing besides the usual Knicks on my large combed breeds. Not missing any chickens either. I am mystified!! As far as I'm concerned, it turned out fine because no one is noticeably hurt. But I'm curious to see if you guys have any clue as to what this is!
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    Did you check the inside of the mouth and the edge of the beak? Both areas get hurt pretty commonly, although I expect to see feeder injuries more often in plastic feeders than metal, since metal usually lacks spokes. It's unlikely given the feeders are hanging but consider checking toes too, a ripped toenail bleeds like crazy, as does a broken foot feather on a featherlegged breed.

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