Blood on outside of egg


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Jul 30, 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
I picked up my eggs this morning and one had a smear of blood on the outside of the shell. What would cause this and should I be concerned? I dont know which one of my girls laid this egg but I think it was the first egg from one of them. I think I only have 2 out of 6 that are laying fight now, but the shell was a little different than the others I have been getting. This leads me to beleive its a new girl that has started. Thanks for the help.
It is very normal. It could be because it's a first time layer, but not necessarily.. I still get them on occassion and most all of my girls are nearing 2 years old.
Same here, mostly with my newbies. Every once in awhile you'll get an oddly shaped or larger egg than normal which also may cause them to strain and bleed slightly when laying.
Chicken 'roids.

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