Blood on the outside of an egg

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    Mar 25, 2017
    My brother in law called me with a problem with his chickens. he has lose 4 in 4 days. And there is blood on the outside of some eggs. I have 25 chickens, kind of baby them. Feed them lots of herbs, and sprout their grains.. ya they get good food. I didn't know what was up. But on visiting him I saw that the wood chips on the floor were all wet, clean but wet from the rain before he put it down. Its been cold at night. They also didn;t sound good.. kind of cackleing... we figured out that the wet floor was so hard on them that they were freezing... he put a heat lamp in that night since it was late and put dry chip in the next day... wala no more problems.. guess that a sign of stress and cold... problem fixed.
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    Apr 13, 2014
    My Hamburg is pretty small and she lays eggs with blood on them sometimes. I just assume it's a size issue as she seems otherwise healthy.

    As far as the wet wood chips... I'm not sure the heat lamp was anything other than a band aid. If the birds have respiratory infections, it may actually make it worse to provide a heat source and then take it away. The insides of the coop should be safe from drafts and the elements. I'm confused as to why rain cause the inside of his coop to be wet. When we get a lot of rain the chickens drag some mud into the coop, but that's about it. There's no way rain would cause the interior of the coop to get wet.

    He may want to look into tightening up his coop.

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