Blood on the roost??

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  1. ChickTree

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Two days ago I noticed blood smeared on the roost (we use the 4" side of a 2x4) -- I checked vents and feet and all seemed OK.. unless I missed something? I am VERY new to chicken owning. The girls are about 7 weeks old give or take. They are also acting completely normal.... Ideas?? thoughts??
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    Watch their behaviors very carefully for any lethargy. If that is really blood I’d be tempted to start them on a coccidiosis treatment even without behavioral indications. At seven weeks they are at a prime age for coccidiosis.

    What have you been feeding them? When I fed mine cooked beet skins I thought they were pooping pure blood the next morning. Red cabbage will give the poop a fluorescent blue sheen. Have they been eating red berries or something like that?

    Chickens are omnivores, it’s kind of a “do lunch or be lunch” kind of thing. Did they somehow catch a frog, mouse, or baby bird and eat it up there? They can cut them into bite-sized pieces with their beaks.
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    This is a common occurence in having chickens. Pecking of combs, pulling out blood feathers, especially on feathered legs, and other injuries can show up as blood smears on roosts, feeders and waterers. Most times it can be hard to find the victim. Just make sure that none are coughing up bloody mucus, or having blood in droppings which could indicate an illness, but occasional blood from pecking is normal. Spending time with your flock can sometimes point oiut bullying. Of course, your chicks are just establishing their pecking order.
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  4. ChickTree

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    Mar 27, 2016
    I am not sure what is going on. I will look at them again when I get home. I DID notice one of the chickens yesterday opening her beak occasionally then closing it again. She did this every few seconds.....

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