Blood or instestinal shedding??


6 Years
Jul 15, 2016
Should I start on corid or not worry about it?
It might just be instestinal shedding but I'm paranoid about my chickens health so anything that is different scares me. I have 7 that are 10 weeks old today and I'm paranoid about cocci and any other disease. It's been in the 80s and going into the 90s here in SoCal and the heat is what I suspect is giving my chicks diarrhea as they've been drinking more water because it's so hot. Then my chicken pooped and this red was in it. It doesn't look like blood to me but I just wanted to make sure and whether or not I should treat them with corid.

The pic is not the best but the other chickens trampled in when I was trying to get pictures of it
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How are they acting? That could be blood or intestinal shed, but coccidia is something that are being exposed to in the soil and are building up resistance to a little at a time. Corid, for treatment of coccidiosis, is not harmfull if you want to go ahead and treat them. If I saw any more red in the stools today or tomorrow, or if any look sleepy or are hunched up, I would probably start treatment.
They are acting fine and healthy, it's been really hot lately so they've been laying around but they don't look sleepy or puffed up or sick acting to me. I'll probably start corid tommorow just to be safe.

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