Blood ring vs vein question

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Laurieks, Nov 5, 2009.

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    sorry no pics showed it, but on 2 of my eggs, at 7 days, I see one long red line, slightly wavy, that I hope is a vein but fear might be a ring. It runs lengthwise for about the middle third of the egg. Maybe the other veins are just shy?
    Do blood rings show as a full ring or sometimes only part of a ring?

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    I'm actually considering giving the 'iffy' eggs to a broody who I let start the same day as these.... and if she kicks it out I'll open to see if it was a ring or a vein. Plus the 3 clear ones.
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    ide give the eggs a few more days and check then but at 7 days you should see a little chick moving inside
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    Quote:I agree, I don't even candle mine the first time until day 12. Then I candle on day 18 when I stop turning them and go into lockdown.
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    Check out the day 7 pics in this thread.

    I'm a few days ahead of you, so you should be able to follow along and see what you should be seeing in your eggs too, if you have a good light source.

    A single thick vein that runs along the horizontal of an egg is 99% of the time a blood ring. But if your light source is not the strongest, you could be missing some detail and this vertical line could be a line of where the veins have grown to on that egg.

    I wouldn't give the broody the egg because they don't always kick out "bad eggs" and many an egg set under one have exploded if compromised. I would leave it in your bator, and becuase you are new to the hatching, I suggest not worrying about candling and removing quitters until day 12 or more. By that time, anything that does not have a dark spot can be removed. If you can't tell, and it doesn't smell, just let it go till day 24 and open them up.

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