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  1. So I'm reading through other posts and viewing egg candling photo's and ran across a new term I'd not heard of "Blood Ring" what is it and how can you tell it from a developing egg?

    I had an egg explode around day 9 I cleaned up the mess was fairly contained So is there a risk if contamination to other eggs from one with a blood ring even if it don't explode?

    I'm on day 16 and have culled several eggs from the bator that showed no development now I'm wondering if some of what I thought was development might have been a bad egg,

    This is my first hatch since I was a teenager so still have a lot to learn about how the eggs should look. I candled them all on day 7 and have been spot checking since, Any Advice/Tips?
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    A blood ring is an egg that started to develop and then quit and when it quit, the veins let go adn leave a ring of red around the egg inside. When you candle a blood ring you can see this ring. It is very obvious that is what it is.

    The egg that exploded was rotten and that is different. Bad eggs tend to be very dark very fast. Some folks think they are developing but they will have way more dark mass than other eggs at the same stage. Generally you will smell a bad egg before you see it. Sometimes they weep/sweat before they explode.

    I candle at day 10 and 18 and leave it alone in between. I let the 1588 do all the work.
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    Check out this site.
  4. Thanks guys, I candled all my eggs again and came up with what I thought I'd have inthe beginning,

    I had rooster issues and it took longer to cmplete the bator than I'd planned so a lot of the eggs were starting to get old and after thinking that the blood band was a sign of development I ended up with 30 eggs that have chicks in them,

    I'm not the least bit disappointed though since this is the maiden voyage of the incubator, Today is day 18 and will be going on lockdown,

    I'm excited about the ones that may hatch I have my fingers crossed :)

    Thanks again, EL

    I'll have around 250 eggs for the next run and a lot more info to work with LOL
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    it won't take long, at those numbers, to become pretty good at telling what you've got growing

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