Blood ring


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Aug 13, 2010
Absarokee, Montana
Sorry the pic isnt all that well. You can see the chick but there is a thin blood ring going across the egg...
if your not sure then leave it be i killed one this week by guessing. it was so dark like yours too early so i chucked it out cracked it and it must of being developing before i had it oops.

I have removed 4 yesterday they had a definate dark blood ring and a 7 day chick in but you could clearly see no movement so these did come out. i guess it gets harder as they get older?

what day is this one?
its on day 12 thats okay. Ive had a bobwhite quail egg do that to me so its no biggie.. Its a bit upsetting but that's mother nature for you and you can never win that war with her.. Just gotta try , try and try again ....
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