Blood ring?


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Okay, so my duck eggs have been in the incubator since the 23rd ( monday) and Some of them has "blood rings" does this mean they are bad? Or should I wait a few more days to see if they change?
Blood rings are a sure sign the embryo is no longer alive.

Somtimes veins can cluster up and look like a blood ring, so be

sure your seeing no movement or signs of life before throwing

them out. Blood rings can be caused by many things, including

bacteria somhow entering the egg, the egg being exposed to

extremely high or low temperatures. Also be sure the parents

of the egg are very healthy and on a good 'diet'.

Some ways to avoid blood rings and/or exploder eggs ~

- Always wash hands before handling eggs

- Always use clean tools/rags ect with eggs

- Do not wash eggs (washing takes to protective coating off the egg)

- Do not incubate dirty eggs or eggs found on the ground

- Keep hens and roosters on good diet and be sure they are healthy

- Keep nest and coop/run ereas clean

Pictures of some of my Blood rings I've had ~



Same egg broken open

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Mine is no where near that big, its just in the middle maybe the size of a dime, I wanna say... Well , I will give it a few more days Just to make sure. What is an exploder eggs?
Yes, I will most pictures either tonight or tomorrow. Im not sure if they are rings or not, cause I have one that looks like a ring but it also has a bunch of other veins so that one is a good one right? its just a cluster of veins that makes it look like that. I will post pictures of all of my eggs. Just because I can, and it excites me

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