Blood rings...what they are....and aren't. ***PICS***

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  1. I'm posting this because when I first began candling I couldn't tell a blood ring from the veins. I'm sure I tossed some perfectly good eggs thinking they were blood rings. As the vein network grows on a fertilized and incubated egg, it forms a circle on the outside which eventually covers most of the inside of the egg. These can easily be mistaken for blood rings. This is just normal veining. Below are photos of a true blood ring and veining.


    See how the egg is completely clear other than the bloodring?


    This is normal veining at 4 days. Not everyone can see it this early, especially if your shells are dark, blue, or particularly thick. Do you see how there is a ring around the veining network? This will eventually grow all over the inside of the egg and will form what appears to be a "blood ring" around the egg.
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    Oldtimegator, that was very informative. Thanks.

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