Blood rings

Fowl Mouth

7 Years
Dec 15, 2012
Midwest USA
Can you tell us more about the eggs, as well as your incubator and temperatures? How old were the eggs before you put them in the incubator? Were they shipped eggs? How old were the eggs when you noticed the blood ring?


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I noticed the blood ring at day ten when I candled them. The eggs were only one or two days old when I put them in. They came from my year old chickens. I have 13 hens 4 roosters and one banty rooster in there too. The incubator is brand new with a egg turner holds 41 eggs. The incubator temp is always 99.5 and humidity 55%. I am on my second try the first try no eggs made it at all. I found out they were to porus. So now on the second try I have candled them before I put them in to make sure they are not porus. Day ten and a few where blood ring and the others just don't look right. They look like they are not as far along as they should be.

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