Blood smeared on eggs

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    May 7, 2011
    I just went to collect eggs and I only have one hen laying right now. Of all 5 eggs, 3 had blood on them, small amounts on two of them but one had a decent smear on almost 1/4th the egg. Is this common to see? I read that she probably broke a vessel but is it common for it to keep bleeding for 3 eggs worth?

    She just came out of molt and maybe has laid 10-15 eggs since she started laying again. She is 1.5 years old.
    I have had a bad few months losing pets so just want to be on the cautious side.

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    It does happen sometimes with younger hens that a vessel or 2 burst when they pass an egg and it could be that her vent is "out of practice" now because she hasn't laid during her molt. What you can do for her is to lubricate her vent inside, just the first inch or 2, with some vegetable oil.
    If her vent is bloody and continues bleeding after she laid you should take her to a vet and have it looked at.
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