Blood Splots!

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  1. Joecool1994

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    May 11, 2013
    Hello! We currently have 6 chickens, 3 SLWs and 3 BOs and here in the past couple of days they have been sitting in their home because we recently got 5-7 inches of snow. We cleared most of the snow so that they could still run around but they still rarely come out, we even have tarps around their pin to block the wind as it's been pretty cold lately. I woke up this morning and noticed one of my BOs had dabs of blood on her head, I glanced around her comb and it didn't seem to have torn. I was watching all of them to see if they were weird around her or wanted to peck at her and none of them seemed to pay any attention, I threw down snacks and they all jumped in on it. Could she have injured her head on something or could they have gotten bored in the Coop and pecked at her a little? I thought when they saw blood they would start pecking at her furiously. Should I rub Vaseline on it to be safe or should she be fine? The chickens really won't let me touch them, I can get near them and maybe get one stroke in but they stand straight up and walk away, occasionally fly away which gets them all to fly. The blood appears to be dry.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot!
  2. ShinShien

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    Oct 1, 2013
    Sounds like they are bored to me. Have you tried the tether ball cabbage idea or a Flock Block?
  3. Viollettt

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    May 10, 2013
    West Central Georgia
    It's really hard to say what might have happened. Since no one was acting weird I would probably assume it wasn't a big deal and was over quickly. Chickens usually take care of any problems they have immediately and then they move on and it's over. Just keep checking on her for a few days. If it was me I probably wouldn't put anything on it from what you described. I don't do vaseline for anything anymore. It's a petroleum product and I wish I had never used it in my life. I would be more inclined to use coconut oil in place of vaseline. Or something I would eat. The more time you can spend with your chickens might make them more likely to let you touch them. Sometimes. While it's cold I understand not wanting to be out there much. I have a chair I take out there to be by mine. I just sit with them so they get used to me at first. If that interests you.

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