Blood spots in coop

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Hi all, I went to the coop to close the hatch for the night and noticed blood splatters about the ledge.. I noticed one of my roosters comb looks like it had been bleeding.. do you think he has frostbite? They all have been inside all day as we had a snow storm here in NH last night.. they do not like the snow at all even though we shoveled and clear the run.... the wind is blowing and it's about 17 degrees out now... any advice? Is frostbite just due to the cold temps or did the roo perhaps get his comb wet in the water dish? Thanks.......
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    It could be frost bite or some of the other chickens pecked him. From all I've seen frost bite strarts out white turns black then the part that frost bit falls off, sloughes off, you can put some neosporin on it but if it's bleeding I would separate him from the flock till he heals.

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